Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why My Son Isn’t Talking… Yet

Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why My Son Isn’t Talking… Yet

Check it out… our first guest post! Mrs. Full-Time Dad (aka Macklin’s mama, Emily) was tired of waiting around for me to write something new, so she took the liberty of penning her own post. Enjoy!

Last week Macklin had one of his regular checkups. As Mr. Full-Time Dad was on duty as usual, the boys went to this appointment on their own. Not surprisingly, he’s in the 97th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for height and 100% cute. He took his three shots like a champ, but it must have been harder for Mr. Full-Time Dad to watch, as I received photos of Macklin at the grocery store shortly afterwards eating doughnut balls and clutching a shiny new Mylar balloon (the equivalent of toddler heaven).

Pro tip: donut balls and flashy, helium-filled balloons make for a quick recovery from a three-shot Dr. visit.

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The only slight concern from the appointment was the lack of variety in Macklin’s vocabulary. At 15 months he really only has a few words. He knows “Luce” is our dog Lucy, but doesn’t say “mama” or “dada.” He’s picking up on some sign language, and asking for “more” of something is helpful, but only when you know what he wants more of.

One of his first words was “banana.” Perhaps our surprised faces from this multisyllabic word choice deterred him from saying it more than twice. Our pediatrician wasn’t too concerned, but he did suggest we read to him more (meaning Goodnight Moon will be requested a million more times. Awesome.) I, however, have a few of my own theories to explain Macklin’s lack of desire to hone his public speaking skills. Here’s my list…

Top 7 Reasons Why Mack is Waiting to Talk

  1. He’s perfecting the art of comedic timing. His forthcoming one liner, whenever he comes up with it, is going to be hilarious.
  2. We don’t let him watch TV, so he can’t really contribute to conversations about current events.
  3. His favorite book is Goodnight Moon, and we’ve already discussed it at length. Multiple times.
  4. He’s inherited our stoic Scandinavian genes. He will wait to talk until he’s ready, but when he does, it will be brief and meaningful.
  5. He’s still an undecided voter, even though we’ve explained that the election is over, and is hesitant to partake in the never-ending political discussions. Here he is post-election, saying everything, without saying a word.

    It was a late night.

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  6. Lucy (our rescue mutt) is his best friend, and she doesn’t talk at all.
  7. Mr. Full-time Dad is a notoriously quiet person. I learn more about what happens during their #Dadventures by reading blog posts and scanning Instagram some days than at the dinner table.

Maybe I’m waiting for the wrong thing in hoping for more verbal language. I look forward to seeing the guest blog Macklin writes in the future, as he may find it easier to express himself in written word… just like his Dad.

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