A Basketcase of Thankfulness

A Basketcase of Thankfulness

Regular readers of this infrequent blog might be under the impression that I’m good at sharing my emotions. False. In real life, I’m more Spock than Troi. I tend to speak only when spoken to, and even then I use as few words as possible. Without a keyboard under my fingers, I’m really quite bad at expressing myself or what’s going through my head. So, allow me to get something off my chest here in a space I feel most comfortable.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has played a role in making the Mr. Full-Time Dad experience what it was these last 18 months. As Macklin starts his new adventure at daycare, I know things are going to change for more than just the three of us Hansons/Coler Hansons. Before the newness of it all wears off, I need to say thanks.

Emily, I don’t know how I could possibly repay you for what you’ve allowed me to do. You’ve worked an exhausting full-time job, maintained your own small business and put in a full year’s worth of higher education while I got to stay at home with our son. You trusted me to not only care for Macklin, but to not completely detach from reality. I’d like to think I haven’t taken too much advantage of this opportunity, but of course I did. I played all day. I went to the park. I went swimming. I went out for ice cream. (And, yes, I napped. I am sorry for that one.) You might not consider what you did a sacrifice, but it was. You worked while I got to spend my days with the greatest little boy we could have ever hoped to bring home. Thank you. I love you.

Mom, Dad, Grandma Babs, Auntie Rachel, Uncle Josh… you, too, have sacrificed mornings, afternoons, evenings and the occasional Saturday night while I had to run to meetings or make it to a swim meet on time. You always said yes when I called to ask for help. I knew I could count on all of you to make this work. I hope the adorable smile that greeted you when you walked through the front door made it worth it… and don’t expect those calls to stop.

Sophie, you are without question the best babysitter/nanny Macklin will ever have. Emily and I are so grateful for everything you have done and, hopefully, will continue to do for all three of us. When you’re with Mack, we never worry, and that’s probably the greatest compliment a parent could offer a sitter. You’ve become part of the family… so, you know… don’t forget our birthdays.

Crystal, Lindsay, Kendra, Gretta, Madison, Amber, Caylie, Shane and all the rest of the amazing staff at Courts Plus childcare that I’m forgetting, you all have been a blessing. For two hours a day, I could get some work done—either on the treadmill or the laptop—while you took great care of Mack. You provided the socialization, the group play, the arts and crafts that I alone couldn’t. After two frustrating daycare experiences, you showed my family what excellent childcare looks like, and I thank each and every one of you.

Friends… well, you didn’t really do anything other than constantly poke fun at my unemployed status, but what the hell. Thank you, too. Brady, especially, thank you. Thank you for going fishing with me, for golfing with me, for being hands down my most reliable friend whenever I needed help with random projects or just an afternoon out. The rest of you guys need to step it up if you want public recognition.

It’s been a fun ride. As I commented on a Facebook post, I’ll always be a full-time dad, so you can expect continued updates, posts and pictures. But for now… thank you.

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