To My Son’s Future Daycare Teachers

To My Son’s Future Daycare Teachers

The following is another brilliant guest post from Mrs. Full-Time Dad (a.k.a. “Mama”)… published on day one of Macklin’s first day (back) at daycare. 

I first want to say, I am absolutely excited for you to get to spend the day with my son. I know I’m biased and every parent loves their child, but I truly think he is the funniest, cutest, most clever little person you will get to spend your day with.

Macklin is brave and independent. He will intentionally jump away from waiting arms into the deep area of the pool without a lifejacket. He will walk straight into the deep end and become upset when you pull him up because he wants to do it by “Self! Self!” His bravery is often beyond his skill set.

I appreciate all the questionnaires and paperwork you had us fill out so you can have an advantage on getting to know him in advance. We filled out less paperwork when we purchased a home. Thankfully I had a few cancellations in my work schedule to spend nearly three hours detailing his preferences, routines, medical history, and preferred name for bowel movements.

There were times though when your forms didn’t quite fit our darling boy. You asked about favorite breakfast foods and although I wrote “oatmeal, yogurt, and eggs” because that’s his usual day-to-day meal, Mr. Full-Time Dad quickly pointed out Macklin would eat caramel rolls all day long if given the opportunity.

Macklin has not missed an immunization or even needed an antibiotic in his lifetime, but he has been to the ER for tasting the antifreeze found in an RV toilet. (That’s a story for another post). It is these outliers that suggest the necessity of this letter. Below are a few notes about our wonderful son that didn’t quite have a space in the 64 pages of forms.

Waiting in the ER to be told there actually is a non-toxic form of antifreeze (there is).
  • Macklin is fast. He will shout “RunRunRun!” and speed off like the roadrunner, sometimes into furniture or the wall. He loves to jump, and hitting the floor has yet to deter him from diving head first off the couch. He also has jumped onto our chocolate lab twice and will jump off the top of the stairs. Please be prepared to catch him.
  • Macklin appreciates routines. When he is tired, he will clearly tell you “nap” and want to be put directly to bed with his blanket and “bow-bear” (brown bear). Let him be and he will be asleep within minutes. Miss his “nap” cue, shame on you.
  • Macklin loves sensory experiences. Although silverware is strongly encouraged, he’s not above squeezing handfuls of pasta before rubbing it all over his face and body.

    “Eating clean,” Macklin style.
  • When given the choice between shorts and pants, Macklin will consistently choose “naked”. Our rule is he must be wearing clothes to leave the house. Today we didn’t go anywhere until nearly 3pm, and the only thing that got him dressed was the promise of a Ferris wheel ride at Scheels with Mr. & Mrs. Full-Time Dad. Best of luck to you with our little exhibitionist.
  • Macklin is learning to use the potty with mixed results. However, he is consistent in asking for “cockeet” promptly upon using the potty. Please be prepared with a chocolate chip or his current favorite, M&Ms (thanks grandma for introducing those).
  • Macklin has the best belly laugh I have ever heard. It’s like crack, and when you hear it you will want more. He is almost always smiling with the exception of item two. If you need your spirits lifted, tickle his collarbone. You won’t be disappointed.
  • If Macklin is every upset or fussy, put him outside. He will smell flowers and pretend to mow the lawn. He will find airplanes, bugs, and even be excited to point out dog poop on a walk. His favorite poop is “cow poop” because “big one!” We are working on not touching, poking, stomping etc. You have been advised.

    His favorite view… outside.
  • Macklin has a tender heart. He will ask for a “moment” and will spend a quiet moment with his head on your shoulder and his soft body in your arms. This will last 3-90 seconds before he’s moving again. He asks for “kisses” when hurt before declaring “all better”. He tucks in his baby doll, and gives treats to our dog and only takes one bite of the biscuit for himself.
  • Macklin loves music. Although your form asked about this, I wrote only the preferences songs he is likely to experience in your classroom, “Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider”. However, when listening to Pandora the other day, his best dance moves were to “Fat Bottomed Girls” and we had a lovely conversation about acceptance and positivity of all body types. He’s also learning the choreography to “Hand Claps” if you have some free time to indulge him in this.

Mr. Full-Time Dad is a stickler for word-counts, but the list of what makes Macklin amazing to me is endless. He is sunshine in a squishy toddler body, a ball of energy, passion, and loving snuggles. I am hopeful he brings the same kind of joy to your classroom as he does to our home. Although I miss him daily when I am at “work helping peoples”, as Macklin calls it, I am excited for the world to get to experience our Macklin John.

Enjoy every “moment”,

Mrs. Full-Time Dad

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